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Dienstag, Juni 14th, 2016

Soup for two: 1 pepper 3 tomatoes 1 spoon of olive oil 2 dcL of chicken soup (I never use this, instead I put extra tomato or cream) pinch of salt (or a lot of pinches, if you’re me) pinch of chili powder 1 garlic clove (or several ;)) 3-4 fresh basil leaves 1 spoon [...]


Donnerstag, Juni 9th, 2016

1) 20 elder flowers should be put in the water (1L) for 24 hours 2) then squeeze 1 lemon and put 0,5 kg sugar in it for another 24 hours, mixing every few hours 3) strain the mixture 4) make delicious juice by mixing up to 1/3 of elder juice with 2/3 of water 20 [...]